Sunday, January 16, 2011

a girl and a woman....

a girl and a woman....

have u ever realize that
  1. A girl really enjoy being a good friend rather than a girlfriend..
  2. When chatting with a boy, they would always feel free to express the feeling =)
  3. A simple sms from her beloved can give a beautiful smile
  4. They love parents and friends so much..and boyfie too
  5. Women hate chauvinist men
  6. Need someone to accompany them even they say NO
  7. get bother with who always annoyed them..
  8. thing so hard to do all their best in everything
  9. would be happy if their cooking get compliment from family
  10. it was true that women are sensitive..because they are born to do so
  11.  always be tolerant if there is reasons behind
  12. need a man to guide them..even they are responsible and matured enough
  13.  at all time..they curious because of jealousy..make them no one will hurt
  14. wanna keep in touch with everyone..even few of friends forget her
  15. without warning..can be hurt easily if you acting harsh to them

p/s : take this advice if u (both boys and girl ) still have mummy..friends and beloved =D
Never: make a promise if you cant stick with it, start if you don't have plans to finish, speak if you don't mean it, love if you can't handle it...i just warning you ppl

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